Beauty is everywhere, you just need to open your eyes to see it. Simple things, an instant, a smile, a special light, .... Everything adds up  to make you fell happy.

Photography is a passion, a vector to see the world beyond its first appearance. It is not a full time job for me (although I wish it could be) but a way to add creativity and escape from rationality. I find inspiration in Art in general which I transform through my lens to create something else. Catching an instant, using lights and shadows, angles, capturing lines and symmetry  is like an obsession. I use several cameras, Nikon 610, Panasonic Lumix GX85.  But the best camera is always the one I have with me which means my Iphone 7 Plus is extensively used.

I migrated to Australia a few years ago as a country of choice after spending few years traveling for my other job. I am originally from France although I feel like I am from everywhere without loosing my identity if that makes sense. I visited many countries and I am always amazed by how people and cultures transform a place to put their marks and create an environment of their own. And beauty is really everywhere or at least I see it sometimes in the saddest moments or places. 

Art, culture, beauty, an instant, lines are my inspiration that I wish to share with you. Thanks for stopping by my photography website and drop a line if you wish to.

I wish to help artists to showcasing their Art and talk about what they do. I am specialised in Art and still photography, photo editing and web design for artists and small businesses. I would be happy to have a chat about your project if you thing I can add value to it. Don't be shy, please e-mail me.